Insurance and Protection at DAS Finance

It’s important to realise that everyone faces risks in their future and that safeguarding the financial security of your family and dependents is of paramount importance.

With this in mind, you may want to make provisions to protect your families from financial liabilities in the unfortunate event of death, critical illness or unemployment. We have extensive experience in reviewing and establishing protection arrangements to cover an array of eventualities.

Our advisers, researchers and administrators regularly review and implement all types of insurance and protection.

Due to the fact that we are completely independent, we are able to review protection products across the whole of the marketplace. We can therefore provide an impartial service which is bespoke and uniquely tailored towards your individual requirements and circumstances.

Mortgage Protection Insurance (MPI) is a type of insurance policy that helps your family to continue to meet your monthly mortgage payments if you – the policyholder and mortgage borrower – die before your mortgage is fully paid off. Some MPI policies will also offer coverage for a limited time if you lose your job or become disabled or injured after an accident.

Some companies call it mortgage life insurance because most policies only pay out when the policyholder dies.

Mortgage Protection Insurance isn’t a mortgage requirement. Whichever type of loan you choose at DAS Finance, you can buy a home without paying for MPI. Though your lender may recommend a policy, it’s completely up to you whether you decide to buy.