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Aron Engel


After years being a mortgage broker in the specialist property market Aron has joined forces with David to co-found DAS finance, Aron brings great experience and vibe to the team.
Mobile: 075 259 30428

David Van Praagh

Managing Director

David has been involved in the finance market for more than 20 years and has a wealth of knowledge and numerous connection’s in the lending market, specialising in complex commercial cases, layered company structures, trusts and all types of commercial mortgages for professional property investors and trading businesses.

After being involved in the property market for the last 10 years Shlomo is now an experienced mortgage broker and brings a wealth of knowledge to the company, Shlomo will simplify a complex situation. Shlomo is skilled in helping his clients structure their businesses to obtain the finance they need to capital raise for further investment. With this approach, he is able to maximise the funds available to clients at the most competitive terms.

John Kain

Head of Commercial Finance

John has over 40 years’ experience in UK Financial Services. He has held senior positions within the Commercial Banking Industry, whilst working for a number of major UK Banks in a variety of business sectors. John has extensive knowledge of deal structuring for complex commercial finance cases which work to benefit both the client and the lender. He now specialises in leveraging his considerable background, knowledge and contacts within the commercial finance market to secure the most flexible and competitive terms available. John understands the market and the importance of meeting the needs of commercial clients and prides himself in finding solutions to complex propositions.

Jack Harrington-Grace

Head of Operations

Jack joined DAS as Head of Operations in November 2021. Jack is responsible for overseeing compliance and the day to day operations of the business, while ensuring customer satisfaction.

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